Will pc parts prices drop in India ? – sorif

Why are pc parts like cpu and gpu are so expensive rightnow and when will computer parts prises drop in india
why pc parts are so expensive and when will the price drop 

Many of you agree that Covid-19 is one of the central causes for the constant price rising of computer parts like GPU, CPU, Gaming console, and other technical sectors. These growing expenses of pc parts mostly affected countries like the United States, Australia, Canada, and India.

Hey, am Sorif, a professional graphic designer and a pc gamer by passion.  So recently I thought of upgrading my Pc but after knowing the current prices of GPUs and processors, I just wakeup. I am like, why man! why are so expensive right now! I thought pc parts prices will drop after corona but it’s already half of 2021.

Why Are Pc Parts So Expensive right now!

So, I start to research and come to know that the growing prices of computer components are basically for the imbalance between demand and supply of pc parts in the market. After the Covid-19 effect, we are at home. 

Now we have only choice to work and learn from home.  These massive needs of people and the shortage of supply created an imbalance. People not only wanted to buy Laptop, TVs, or wanted to build their Pc, It’s needed. But on the other hand, many manufacturers are not able to produce bcoz of resources. And Marketer Know people’s demand so they increase their prices. Now your question may be when will pc prices go back to normal?
 there is no probability of the price drop and getting back to normal pc parts prices in 2021-half of 2022
why graphics cards are so expensive right now and when will go down in india
Will GPUs prices dropdown

Well, when  I am talking about ps parts then how can forget about GPUs. no doubt you may noticed that Graphics cards are so expensive now. But why? well, yes you guessed it right but the pandemic is not only the reason behind it.

Why Graphics Cards Are So Expensive right now!

It’s not just in India but all around the world. An RX 570 was costing 20500 INR in December starting but now it cost 42000 INR. GTX 1070 8GB the simplest all-rounder card wont to cost 35000 INR for the Zotac Amp edition. an equivalent version now costs 45000 INR.

The reason for this rise in cost is the GPU mining of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency miners are mining since it makes them coins. Many gamers also are mining since the cardboard is now paying for itself.

The main culprits though are large-scale cryptocurrency miners who buy cards in 1000′s. I even have come to understand one order in Delhi of somebody buying GPU worth 40 crores!!! back in September’17. The demand for GPU has risen to never before seen level. ( by Rohan Singh )

When will PC parts prices drop in India?

When will pc parts price get back to normal? well, as can see the current  PC market, it’s almost half of 2021 but still, prices of CPU, GPU, and  Motherboard are double or sometimes triple and there is no probability of dropping prices in this year or half of 2022. The reason, it’s not the problem of supply from the manufacturer, It’s the sudden change of people’s lifestyle and their massive need. But now many of company creating more manufacturing factories to resolve this market imbalance as soon as possible. So we can hope at the middle of 2022, will pc prices go back to normal.

Should you buy a GPU now or wait? 

At this time all PC parts prices are so expensive than usual, especially GPU. The famous budget gaming GPU, the 1650s is selling now at rs 18k, which means you have to pay about Rs 5k more now. Where in this price anyone could get the 1660s but now for it, have to pay approx rs 22k-25k. Now your question, should I buy or not? well, if you can wait for 3-6 months then it’s worth waiting some more. But if you have GPU-based work and your works need it, then you shouldn’t wait.


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