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When you have hundreds of Graphic Design apps in the Play Store Or Play Store, finding the right one is a difficult process. So, in order to help you out, we decided to do the research and testing.

For the testing process, We selected 15 Graphic Design App From the Play store Or App Store.

Out of that 15, we picked 10 apps that performed very well in our tests and made this list of the list of Best Graphic Design App For Android. These apps were selected on the basis of their performance, design, and special features.

Without Wasting Time let’s get straight into the list.

These are the Best Graphic Design App For Android 

Apps Price Availability
1. Adobe Photoshop Touch Free Android
2. Ibis Paint x Paid ( free version contains ads ) Android, IOS
3. PixelLab FreeAndroid, IOS
4. Infinite design paid Android, IOS
5. Canva Free ( paid version available)Android, IOS
6. Adobe Illustrator DrawFree Android
7. Lightroom Mobile Free ( paid features available)Android, IOS
8. Adobe Sketch Free Android, IOS
9. Spark post Free Android, IOS
10. Auto Draw Free Android, IOS
Best free/ paid graphic design apps

Hey, you guys welcome to our page the number one place for people who love design art and everything creative.

today I want to talk about the best free & paid android apps for graphic design. In this day and age, there are many smartphone apps out there that you can download to do a bit of content creation on the go and after doing my research for this article  I finally make a list of the best graphic design apps for android. 

Some of them are way overpriced, some of them are useless and there are a select few that I actually really like.

Adobe Ps touch

Adobe Ps touch, best freegraphic design app for android
best free graphic app #1.Ps touch

Adobe Ps Touch is a mobile application created by Adobe Systems for iOS and Android devices. Its main purpose is to enable users to edit images with the same tools and overall experience as the full desktop version of Photoshop. Photoshop Touch was first released on December 6, 2011, as a free app for iOS devices. This is the best mobile graphic design app, it offers lots of professional tools like layer selection, and refine the edge.

This App getting famous among mobile designers, especially gaming thumbnails, logos, and YouTube banner designers. It’s really a great graphic design app but unfortunately, adobe shut down this app that’s why you can’t find it Play store. Now you may ask then how I download Ps touch app. well, You can download PS touch latest version from

Ps touch gives tools like refine edge, you can now make selection precisely, it also provides color adjustment, ba bundle of effects, like a gaussian blur, directional blur, radial blur, etc.

Ibis Paint X

Ibis paint x best drawing and graphic design app for both android and Ios
best graphic app #2.Ibis Paint x

Ibis paint x is one of the famous graphic design and drawing apps with tons of versatile and professional tools like desktop designing software.

It uses OpenGL technology that’s why it gives a smooth and comfortable design experience. This app also allows you to record your drawing process and share these as videos. Layers are necessary and this app allows you to create unlimited layers, It is really helpful for a designer. you can experiment by adding elements or details non-destructively.

okay, you know what clipping mask, is missing from many android graphic design apps. Ibis paint x gives a clipping mask feature to clip images. it also allows you to change each layer’s alpha blending, Layer opacity, multiplying, and subtracting.

If we talk about its bruises, Over 1700 different kinds of brushes including dip pens, felt tips pens, digital pens, airbrushes, flat brushes, charcoal brushes, pencils, oil brushes, and more. With these tons of brushes, it gives a handy slider tool to adjust brushes’ opacity, and thickness quickly.

This is a premium app but there is also a free version of this app that contains ads. So if you are okay to use with ads you can use its free version.

Infinite Design

Infinite design, a mobile graphic design app available for both android and Ios
best graphic app #3.Infinite design

Infinite design is a raster-based Image editing and drawing app. Like other designing apps you can save your project as JPEG, PNG, or SVG or you can directly share it on social media if you prefer.
It offers you to create unlimited layers according to your need also it creates and saves the history of changes you have made, you can use saved history to undo, redo or re-edit
Infinite design also offers to add text, images, and a lot of useful tools that a mobile designer needs. One thing that I personally like about this app is it allows you to Customize tools’ position, you can arrange these tools anywhere on your screen according to your need. It really makes things much easier and faster for an Android graphic designer.


Pixellab is the best and most used android graphic design app for android
best free graphic app #4. pixelllab

PixelLab is another great choice for mobile designers. So many content creators used this app for their required graphics. It comes with tons of tools like layers, stickers, adding text, inserting pictures, and more but what make it different from other design apps?

Its text features, prospective transform, color picker, and Plp files are awesome. You can easily import fonts from your smartphone, give them a nice look by adding color, gradient or even you can use any image as your text texture. I loved its plp feature, when you are done with your project you can save it as Plp file, You can also share this file with other PixelLab users and they can open it on this app and then can change the text or other elements as they want, Its more like PSD file.


Canva is the best free premade template-based graphic design apps fro android
best free graphic app #5 Canva

Canva, you might hear this name before. This is most popular for its predesigned templates. Yes, this is a website but also available for mobile and desktop. Before we go into more details let me clear one thing. If you want a design app with professional tools and you more like to make designs from scratch and fully customized then maybe this app is not for you.

as I mention before it’s more a template based rather than a professional graphic design mobile app. Now you may think why then did I put this app on this list of best graphic design apps? Professionals do not like this much but you can definitely make professional designs quickly by using the premade template of canva.

It has all the basic and useful tools that should have in a graphic designing app. It comes in handy when you need graphics so fast. here you will find tons of Instagram post templates, Instagram story templates, tweeter banner templates, YouTube banner templates, Varieties of thumbnail template, books cover, Tweetch kits, stream package, invitations card, and lots more.

now your question will be, is canva free? Yes, canva is free to use but You can unlock more premium design templates and tools by purchasing their subscription plan.

Adobe Illustrator Draw

adobe draw is the best android app fro drawing and illustration
best graphic app #6. adobe draw

Adobe illustrator devolved by adobe. There is already a famous desktop version available. It is industry-leading vector-based graphic design software used by many professionals. with the same name adobe launched this as a mobile application. Look if you want a vector graphic design app you can use this adobe illustrator. Because as I mentioned its desktop version is an industry-leading software and is used by so many professionals for graphic design, and its mobile version has mostly similar tools. So you can consider this app.

now if you reading this article in 2022, you can’t find this app in the play store because like adobe photoshop touch, adobe decided to shut down adobe draw on July 19th 2021. But this app is available on the internet for download.

Lightroom Mobile

Lightroom mobile, graphic design apps mostly used for color correction and final retouching
best graphic app #7. Lightroom mobile

I tend to give our photos a little lightroom treatment before I post them somewhere there are some decent color correction settings available here for free starting with this auto button that takes your photo and automatically tries to correct it to its best-recommended settings. And  I gotta say it’s quite good at guessing what you want there are some advanced settings like ways of masking and only editing parts of an image if you can be bothered to upgrade to the paid version.
But that being said the free version is surprisingly powerful and very easy to use  I would say easier than the desktop version which is a huge plus for beginners.

you can color grade your design aesthetically and give a finishing touch to your design.

Adobe Sketch

adobe sketch, graphic design app for android
best graphic app #8.adobe sketch

 I have to admit I used to hate apps like this in the past as they are nothing more than dummy versions of Photoshop which I often times found very limiting but as the years go by and phones are getting more and more powerful. 
These apps are starting to get developed to a level where they are becoming actually useful. I use this app to create our story templates for the John Cena and blog Instagram account Jaclyn has created.
These nice-looking jpeg templates then what I do is every week I put our present thumbnail here on top of the design whenever we got a new video posted as I said it’s basically photoshop light.  
So it can be handy if you want to do something very quickly and you don’t have a computer on hand I for one am trying to limit my screen time, especially on the weekends. So whenever we publish a new video on a Sunday I just quickly put these together on my phone.

Spark Post

spark post for is also a premade template-based graphic design app like canva
best graphic app #9. spark post

straight in the first app on my list is spark post if you are familiar with a canvas this is basically adobe’s version of the same thing. it’s an app that you can use to make social media posts on the go by using some pre-designed templates for layouts colors and font combinations and the like it’s got all the image dimension presets you could ever need for any social media platform. And also has some free stock photo libraries integrated into the program. 
I use this tool on the other occasion where you can see I have designed some quick Instagram highlight covers for my personal account the design of the board itself is quite simple and intuitive. 
as you can see you can bring in some stock icons customize the colors and so on apart from imagery, you can also animate text-based designs within the program granted. It is not giving you too many customization settings nevertheless, it is quite a handy little tool if you ever want to design something simple quickly on your phone for your social media feeds.



auto draw is a web version drawing app that helps in graphic design.
best graphic app #10.Autodraw

And last but not least I wanted to show you this thing called an auto to draw. Now, this is not an app, it’s a website that you need to open in your smartphone’s browser it’s powered by google and what it does is you draw a shape any shape onto this white canvas and then the artificial intelligence tries to guess what you are drawing and match it with a free to use png icon just like that it’s like magic. I mean if you do read up on it a little bit it’s not actual magic just a work in progress most of these icons have been created by one design studio in new york and as time goes on people will add more and more icons to its free-to-use library at this point in time the software can guess a couple of hundred common icons but this is only the beginning.
This is this useful well much less useful than the other apps on my list but is it fun to use absolutely, I think that’s the key takeaway here these apps provide a unique new user experience that desktop software cannot be Computer software like photoshop Figma or sketch basically.  
The older siblings of these mobile apps obviously are much more powerful much more versatile much more professional much more efficient but the design is not all about efficiency you know what  I mean. Let me give you an example the iPad is an efficient tool does anyone need a tablet when you already have a computer and a smartphone you don’t no one does it’s still a very very successful product do you know why because it’s fun to use because it’s new because it provides a new unique user experience that makes you approach your digital life in a different very exciting way if you do design work. 


What are the best graphic design apps for android?

These are the best graphic design apps for android:

  • Adobe Photoshop touch
  • ibis paint x
  • Pixellab
  • Infinite design
  • Lightroom mobile
  • Canva

What is the best graphic design app for android?

Adobe PS touch is the best raster graphic design app for android and Ibis paint x is the best vector-based graphic design app

Can I do graphic design using phone?

Yes, Now there are so many apps available for android with versatile and professional tools. You can create amazing designs on your phone.

There are many youtube channels taught graphic design on phones, you can learn from there if you are a beginner

Can I do graphic designing in android?

Yes definitely you can, There are many apps like Ibis paint x, Canva, Adobe sketch that allows you to create crazy designs on your android phone. From raster, 3D to vector, for every kind of design there are android apps available.


In this article, I have shared the best android graphic design apps for mobile some are free and few are paid. You are here which means you go through all the apps and if you still find yourself a little confused about which is the best graphic design app? which app you should consider? So first know the purpose. Ask yourself what kind of design you are going to create if you want to create fast designs for your social media or if you need more professional tools to create stunning designs on your phone. Now if you want a raster design app then it is adobe Ps toch. If you want a vector-based design app then Ibis paint x is the best graphic design app for you. And if you want readymade quick design then Canva is the perfect fit for you.

Hope now you can make decisions according to your needs and be able to consider the best graphic design app for you. If you find this page helps make sure to share it with your friends, and if have still some questions you can ask them in the commet.

Have a great day!

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