Best Gaming Mouse Under 1000 in 2022 (August)

Best gaming Mouse in 2022 under 1000
Best Gaming Mouse Under 1000 in India 2022
If you are a pro gamer or just a beginner, no matter you play games to dominate opponents or just for chill, a good gaming mouse can enhance your gaming experience a lot. And if you want to take gaming seriously then you should definitely upgrade your mouse. And here I am sharing a list of the best gaming mouse under 1000.
There is some minor difference between a regular mouse and a gaming mouse but it has a major impact on your gaming experience. There are so many good gaming mice are available on the market and we selected the best among them.
But before you jump on the list of best gaming mice under 1000 rs in 2022
When you are looking for a gaming mouse you should look for its build quality, DPI, the overall feel while using, response time, Sensor quality and it has additional buttons or not. Don’t worry, I am going to guide you to select the best gaming mouse under 1000 rupees that you can purchase. But if you invest a little more, you can check our list of best gaming mouse under 2000.
Mouse Price Rating Check on Amazon
Redragon Gainer M610 ₹849.00 4.4/5 Checkout
Lenovo Legion M200 RGB ₹1,099 4.5/5 Checkout
Lenovo Ideapad M100 RGB ₹649.00 4.4/5 Checkout
Ant Esports GM600 RGB ₹699.00 4.7/5 Checkout
Quantum Snype 2.0 ₹591.00 4.8/5 Checkout
Redgear A-20 ₹699.00 4.3/5 Checkout
Dragonwar ELE-G9 ₹899.00 4.3/5 Checkout
Zebronics Zeb-Transformer ₹449.00 4.4/5 Checkout
Offbeat RIPJAW ₹849.00 4.3/5 Checkout
HP M270 ₹649.00 4.4/5 Checkout
Note: Prices of products listed below may fluctuate with time, kindly check the current price before buying

Here is the list of  Best Gaming Mouse under 1000 rs in India 2022

1. Redragon Gainer M610

redrafon Gainer M610 the best wired gaming mouse under 1000 in India 2022

Connector Type Wired, 1.8 long
Especially  for  Gaming
Brand Redragon
Buttons 6
DPI 3200
Sensor  optical sensor 

Like about this mouse

  • Adjustable DPI up to  3200
  • 1000Hz polling rate
  • durable smooth Teflon feet pads
  • 2 customizable buttons with 4 more buttons
Don’t like about this mouse :
  • Not good enough for finger grip
  • It may feel uncomfortable for small hands

2. Lenovo Legion M200 RGB

AVvXsEhB 3N tBo WiXNvv0U5sS2mCm2oQFDqfGWVwBBCX0Un WCku3NJNd6 430A1qid1DhPyKXfo YxVru8nN T4L7hXA 5nYsZsI 9oOQjwkmI Ak6kgAzT5 WsiR8Bkfb ii4TYw0tzyrmvhmChcnXa behQOwG1EPO9O i7HsF4nof4ybzdVe5nH1vgA=s320
Connector Type Wired
Especially  for  Gaming
Brand Lenovo
Weight 150g
Polling Rate
Buttons 5
DPI 2400
Sensor  optical sensor 

Like about this mouse :

  • Braided and long wire
  • 500fps frame rates
  • well balanced weight
  • Up to 2400 DPI
  • 7 color circulating backlight
Don’t like about this mouse :
  • You can not control the RGB light

3. Lenovo Ideapad M100 RGB

AVvXsEjqr8GcenJtzuIPDOEngdJQ8EXYWFjCoExZ8u7qfRoGKuIYrUbH5FGwY6Y3pSqFGLnoX2ANmgAmz 67yzucsUcHTIQkZ
Connector Type Wired
Especially  for  Gaming
Brand Lenovo
Weight 90.7 g
Buttons 6
DPI 3200 
Sensor  optical sensor
Like about This Mouse:
  • 6 programable buttons 
  • Long 1.8 PVC USB cable 
  • Adjustable DPI 
  • Put an end to latency with a 1000 Hz polling rate
Don’t like about this mouse :
  • No RGB light

4. Ant Esports GM600 

best gaming mouse for gaming in 2022 under 1000
Connector Type Wired, 1.8 long
Especially  for  Gaming
Brand Ant Esports
Weight 136 g
DPI 7200
Buttons 7
Reviews 4.6 stars out of 5
Sensor  Optical

Like about this mouse :

  • 6 adjustable DPI levels. ( 800/1600/2400/3200/7200)
  • 14 customizable RGB backlights 
  •  You are also able to change the brightness and speed of the backlight 
  • Comes with a Thumb rest which allows you to more accurate aim.
  • This is good for first-person shooting games like PUBG, Valorant, COD, etc.
Don’t like about this mouse :
  • Might be a little uncomfortable for small hands 

5. Quantum Snype 2.0

best wired gaming mouse in India
Connector Type Wired, 1.5m braided
Especially  for  Gaming
Brand Quantum
Weight 170 g
DPI 3200
Buttons 6
Reviews 4.8 stars out of 5
Sensor  Optical
Like about this mouse :
  • Its accomplished design complements you as a gamer.
  • You are able to customize DPI settings according to your need.
  • It comes with 1.5m braided cable.
  • Perfect Thumb grip will help you to long-term use.
Don’t like about this mouse :
  • Just a little heavy but if you are ok with it then consider buying it.

6. Redgear A-20

best gaming mouse under 1000
Connector Type wired, 1.8m braided
Especially  for  Gaming
Brand Redgear
Weight 225 g
DPI 4800
Buttons 7
Reviews 4.3 stars out of 5
Sensor  Optical
Like about this mouse :
  • 7 programable buttons.
  • Software support available.
  • Able to customize RGB backlight according to you.
  • Great at this price range.
Don’t like about this mouse :
  • need time to get used to because of its weight

7. Dragonwar ELE-G9

best wireless gaming mouse under 2022
Connector Type Wireless
Especially  for  Gaming
Brand Dragonwar
Weight _
Polling Rate
DPI 3200
Sensor  Optical
LIke about this mouse :
  • Perfect for big hands.
  • So much at this price range.
  • good build quality.
  • DPI cycling button is very useful.
  • comfortable thumb grip.
Don’t like about this mouse :
  • No RGB backlight

8. Zebronics Zeb-Transformer

best gaming mouse for 2022
Connector Type Wifi
Especially  for  Gaming
Brand Zebronics
Weight 160
Polling Rate
Buttons 6
DPI 3200
Sensor  Optical
Like about this mouse :
  • 7 colour customizable breathing  LED light.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • 1.8m braided cable.
  • dedicated DPI cycling button available.
  • Gold plated USB Cable.
Don’t like about this mouse :
  • Breathing LED available but no RGB backlight.

9. Offbeat RIPJAW

best wireless gaming mouse in 2022 under 1000
Connector Type Wifi
Especially  for  Gaming
Brand Offbeat
Weight 125
Polling Rate
Buttons 6
DPI 3200
Sensor  Optical
Like about this mouse :
  • Equipped with Li-ion inbuilt battery, no need external battery is required.
  • 2.4 GHz wireless connection that wouldn’t make you feel delayed between your thoughts and action.
  • multi-function buttons.
  • lightweight design.
  • This mouse is very comfortable and well designed.
Don’t like about this mouse :
  • Don’t have an RGB backlight.

10. HP M270 

best wired gaming mouse in 2022 under 1000
Connector Type Wifi
Especially  for  Gaming
Brand HP
Weight 129
Rating 4.4
Buttons 7
DPI 2400
Sensor  Optical
Like about this mouse :
  • Button life up to 3 million times.
  • Lightweight and ergonomic  design
  • Professional DPI sensor.
  • Awesome breathing LED colors.
  • comfortable for most types of hands.
Don’t like about this mouse :
  • Don’t have an RGB backlight.
Which mouse do pro gamers use?
whats is the best gaming mouse brand?

Why do I need a gaming mouse? ( gaming mouse vs normal mouse)

Of course, there are vital reasons for choosing a good gaming mouse over a normal mouse. Gaming mice are designed focused on your comfort and for long-term use. A gaming mouse has more life than a normal one. Gaming mice are more optimized for smooth movement and precise aim. It comes with more sensitivity that helps to reduce in-game reaction time in fps games. Generally, a gaming mouse equipped with extra buttons that help
Now there are some people who ask, Is a gaming mouse really necessary? 
look, definitely, a normal mouse can be used for gaming but a gaming mouse gives you optimum advantages. So, if you want to take gaming seriously then you must invest in a good gaming mouse. But again if you play games to just chill and don’t have a sufficient budget to invest in a gaming mouse, you surely can use your regular mouse and able to win the game

What should I look for when buying a gaming mouse? 

There are so many things to keep in mind when you are looking for The best gaming mouse for you. Mouse DPI, size, weight, wired or wireless, so many things to consider while searching for a good gaming mouse according to your need.
Here I am going to discuss briefly all the points that consider when you look for a gaming mouse.

1. Sensor Type (Optical vs Laser)

when you look for a mouse one of the first things you notice about the mouse is what type of sensor is used in it. There are two types of sensors used in mice, Optical and Laser.
Now the optical sensor is more common and mostly used in mice and the Laser sensor is comparatively less but there is no noticeable difference in gaming. laser sensor has an advantage over optical that is laser can work on any surfaces but the optical can’t.

2. Sensitivity (DPI)

It is doesn’t matter you are an advanced gamer or just had built a Pc, you are familiar with the word of DPI, maybe you don’t know what it is actually.
Let’s learn What is mouse DPI?  DPI represents dots per inch or in gaming terms pixels per inch which refers to the sensitivity of the mouse. DPI desids how many pixels the cursor moves per inch of the mouse movement. Like if a mouse has 800 DPI it means the cursor moves 800 pixels per inch of mouse movement or if it has 2400 DPI, it means the cursor moves 2400 pixels per inch of mouse movent. The higher the DPI, the higher sensitivity of the mouse.
Now you know what is mouse DPI for gaming. But maybe your question, what is the best DPI for gaming? it’s all comes down to the type of the game and your comfort level. For real-time action, FPS games required less response time, in this case, you need a high DPI. But for normal or open-world games (400-800) DPI is enough.
However, don’t think having a high DPI is define the mouse quality there are some more things to consider while purchasing a gaming mouse. And the next thing you should notice in a mouse is the polling rate.

3. Polling Rate 

What is the Polling Rate? The Polling Rate is how often in a second your mouse reports its positions to your Pc. Polling Rate measured in HZ ( Heartz). So if your mouse has a 1000Hz Polling Rate it means your mouse reports its position 1000 times per second to your Pc or refreshes its position each 1 millisecond. Same way Polling Rate of 500Hz means your mouse sensor reports its position  500 times each second or refreshes its position every 2 milliseconds (ms).
Here is a short table of Polling Rate and Its reporting time:

Polling Rate Report time
125Hz 8ms
250Hz 4ms
500Hz 2ms
1000Hz 1ms

Is a 500 or 1000 Polling rate is better?

 As you can see in this box, The Higher the Polling rate the less reporting time, and the less reporting time mean the smoother cursor movement. Although there is a negligible difference between 500 and 1000 polling rates technically 1000Hz is a little smoother than 500Hz. But remember higher Polling Rates consume more Pc assets, So if you have a Pc with old generation hardware then you should go with 500Hz or less either it may of little lag while gaming.

4. Wired or Wireless 

Wired vs Wireless mouse which is better?  Well, it depends on what are you doing, Playing games or working or just browsing the internet and watching videos, Now for a regular Pc or laptop, you can go with wireless. But if you ask Wired or wireless mouse which is better for gaming? It’s definitely Wired. A wired mouse is best for gaming because – 1) While gaming you can not afford to lose a match or be killed by opponents just because of battery died and the mouse disconnected. 2) Wired mouse is a little faster and more responsive than a wireless mouse.

5. Programmable buttons 

In general, a gaming mouse comes with a basic layout, Left- right-click buttons, scroll wheel, DPI changeable button, and some more extra programable buttons. those buttons give users extra advantages. The user is able to control in-game complex commands with his thumb easily.
Therefore a gaming mouse should have at least more than 4 programable buttons.

Gaming Mouse FAQ

Is a gaming mouse really necessary?

Ans. A gaming mouse is like a pair of running shoo, it is not necessary but helps.

Can I use a normal mouse for Gaming?

Ans: Yes! you can use a normal regular mouse to play games, But the experience is different compared to playing with a gaming mouse. Because gaming mouse equipped with ergonomic design, extra programable buttons, Adjustable DPI buttons, High DPI and Polling Rates.

What are The Benefits of gaming mice?

Ans: These are the benefits of a gaming mouse :
  • Great Performance with Durability.
  • Equipped with Comfortable designs.
  • Adjustable DPI ( mouse sensitivity).
  • Extra adjustable buttons.
  • Ergonomic.

Is a wired mouse better than a wireless?

 Ans: Yes.

do gaming mice last longer? 

Ans: Yes.

whats are the best gaming mice under 1000 in 2022?

Ans: These are the best gaming mice under 1000 for 2022.
  • Redragon Gainer M610
  • Lenovo Legion M200 RGB
  • Lenovo Ideapad M100 RGB
  • Ant Esports GM600 RGB
  • Quantum Snype 2.0
  • Redgear A-20
  • Dragonwar ELE-G9
  • Zebronics Zeb-Transformer
  • Offbeat RIPJAW
  • HP M270

Does a gaming mouse improve aim? 

NO, a gaming mouse does not improve aim but it helps you to improve aiming accuracy. The gaming mouse comes with high sensitivity which will you to move the cursor from one enemy to another quickly in shooting games.

Final Words

So now maybe your question is, why should I trust Sorif ?
Alright, you can definitely trust Sorif because he is not affiliated with any mouse brand. this list of best gaming mice in 2022, He is sharing this information with all you guys after lots of comparison and research.
Thank you for visiting our site, Sorif . Have a great day ahead!


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